Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Street Fight - Cape Town

I missed the real street photo here - these two gentlemen were in fact fighting over who's territory a particular parking space belonged to. (A source of income for many unemployed South Africans is to serve as car guards who look after vehicles parked in the shopping centers and streets of the city and suburbs).

A woman in a red 4x4 had just given the character on the right of the photo some change and been challenged by his opponent for the money. As these two squared off against each other the woman in the vehicle pulled off, winding her window up with real fear in her eye. I had the scene in my viewfinder, I'd just clicked a burst of 4 and missed that crucial, decisive moment.

Live and learn.

These two knocked each other to the ground and then were separated by other car guards. The ever present   Cape Town Uni city street guards descended shortly afterwards and the moment of excitement was over.

Here's another shot from the sequence

Cape Town Street photo of a street fight

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Story of a failed street photograph

Layers of observation - a street photo gone wrong
Street photographers are sometimes accused of being voyeuristic - and I wanted the image above to be about looking at each other.

I noticed these two girls pulling up alongside the delivery van and as they did so the two gentlemen in the van were most obviously admiring them. Immediately I raised my camera but as I did so the sixth sense that tells us if we are the focus of another's attention alerted the scooter passenger who responded by checking to see that her skirt was appropriately covering her. Her reaction alerted both her friend and the guys in the van who laughed at me, I assume for taking a photograph of two pretty schoolgirls - their smiling at me was conspiratorial. In some way they went from being fellow subjects of the photograph to joining me in photographing the girls.

I like the contrast between the expressions on the faces of the scooter riders but I was disappointed as I chimped over the photo back at my car - I wanted to catch a moment of people looking at one another and instead I captured too strong a reflection of my own looking at the scene.

Cape Town

Horizons - Cape Town

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