Saturday, 31 August 2013

The liquor boy

A man outside a closed bottle store

Street photo mini exhbition

I am  happy to announce that a selection of 6 street photographs is on display in the window of the Art Source  at 44 Lower Main Road in Observatory Cape Town.

Street photo exhibition Cape Town
My window in the front of the Art Source display window. 

OK so it's not the Guggenheim but I'm pleased with it and myself.

Ambitiously the prints are for sale and you are welcome to make an enquiry by contacting me.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Shameless punt and self promotion

I am very pleased to have my street photo Squares nominated by the folks over at Orms for the August photo of the month competition.

A street photo taken at Thibault square in Cape Town
Squares, shot in Thibault square in Cape Town.

The competition is decided by vote - so head on over to the Orms blog at Ormsconnect and make a comment in the comment section below clearly indicating your preference (hopefully) for photo number 1.

Street portrait - Addiction and the rain

A man walking and smoking a cigarette in this South African street portrait from Cape Town.