About David van der Want

By profession I am a psychologist in private practice in Cape Town. Photography is a hobby and specifically street photography is of interest to me.

Photography to me involves layers of observation - there's the photographers observation of a scene that leads to capturing an image. There's the possibility that he might have been observed doing so by the subject(s) which in turn becomes part of the photograph. Then there's the viewer of the photograph and his process of seeing. Each of these processes reflects something, both of the subject and the object. 

These photo's are simultaneously then my observations of the streets of Cape Town and the subject of your observation. If they are any good they will say something about Cape Town and the people and places captured here, something about me and hopefully a good deal about you as in your viewing, you tell the story of each image.

Comments and constructive feedback are welcome - I am close to the beginning of practicing this art form and I am excited to be continually learning.

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